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Cloth and hairs simulation for the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive movie.
Image Engine.
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Cloth and fur simulation and finagling on "Rocket" and "Baby Groot".
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Muscles and anatomy simulations and sculpt and a soft body cfx rig on the "Erumpent" creature.
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Cloth and fur simulation and finagling on Paddington.
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Body and fur simulation and sculpt on Winnie and their friends.
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Muscles interaction dev and cfx rigging on Baloo and Bagheera when they fight and some muscles simulation and sculpt on many other creatures.
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Muscles, fur and shackles simulation on "Zouwu".
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Muscles and skin simulations on "Kikimora" and on the golden dragon creatures for "The Witcher" TV series for Nextfix using Ziva.
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Dev and cfx rigs of skin slide, leg slide, and fur on the ermine, ferret, weasel.
Also fur rigs for three squirrels and feather rig for the raven and the arctic tern.